The Nentir Vale

The Young White Dragon's Torture

I continued to stare down the secret passage we had just found, beginning to feel a chill over my face. I was tapped on the shoulder by our hunt’s leader, “Let’s all gather up what we can, we’re heading down” he said. I readied my rod implement and followed the others down the stairway. The dungeon walls of above slowly turned into a natural cavern as we descended. The floor was still the same. The air was starting to become cooler and a bright blue light bathed the turn ahead of us. Everybody move forward carefully, stopping at the turn to focus their eyes and see what lay ahead. We saw a Kobold Slinger on the far wall, grimacing in a corner of the room. The Dragonborn brothers and paladin all cheered in delight, more Kobolds meant more gold from the Warden.

The cleric and ranger both stared at the pool in the middle of this room, discerning it was a pool of ice. Guess that explains the chill but what could possibly form a pool of solid ice…? The brothers held at their weapons and began moving towards the Kobold, ready to get their goods and return, when all of a sudden a shadow enveloped the blue hue of the room. From above, what seemed to be a large reptile came down from behind cover on the roof and swooped down in front of us. It landed with it’s mouth agape, catching some of us by surprise. While the wizard and ranger began casting a spell and aiming their arrows, the beast quickly inhaled and cast upon us a breath of chilling ice. The ice froze our Dragonborns in place as the rest of us hugged the walls to avoid it. We recognized the beast as a Young White Dragon upon further inspection, and more specifically, this must have been the Szartharrax danger that the Kobold in the first room had warned us of. Szartharrax was pleased with the damage his icy breath had inflicted but decided to catch the rest of us off guard. It immediately roared in a horrible draconic screech which gripped us in a stun.

The first of us to get it together was Urdnott. He got into the dragon’s range and dodged it’s attacks. He Swung his great sword at Szartharrax, using his strongest techniques and marking the beast to defend us from it. His attacks were true and his attacks pierced flesh. Daeanu then loaded his bow and put arrow into Szartharrax with finesse, hitting truly. Andorin the paladin also marked the beast and came up beneath it, swinging his long sword at it. Savarith snapped out of his ice block and cast Magic Missiles but Szartharrax was too quick, dodging them and condemning the wizard. I then cursed the dragon and attempted my most damaging attack, attempting to burn everything around me. As my cast went off, it sputtered and nothing caught ablaze. I stared in disbelief as my attack was fruitless. Rhogar was still petrified and immobilized, watching hopelessly as our attacks began to bounce off and around the dragon. His brother fared better, slicing at the dragon successfully.

Szartharrax then lifted off and flew towards the Kobold, intent on having all of us as a meal. It perched on the other side of the pool of ice but did not kill the Kobold strangely enough. We jumped to action and began hitting it with our ranged weapons. Javelins, arrows, and magic flew at it, all of them finding their marks. Urdnott seemed almost in a bloodlust, throwing his javelin with such ferocity that it struck the dragon between the neck and chest squarely. This bloodied the dragon and it roared in pain. It cast it’s icy breath again but lucky for us we were far enough away to not be hit once. The Kobold was not so fortunate, crystallizing and dying immediately. Rhogar finally broke out of his ice block and joined the fray, rallying us into a state of ferocity. Kilios the cleric jumped onto the ice pool with a great grace that we all stared in awe as he began casting at the dragon. All of our attacks began hitting Szartharrax, visibly affecting the dragon as it’s blood began to slick over the ice pool. It got back into the air and descended above us, almost as if it had something up it’s sleeve. It landed amongst us and began clawing and biting, trashing about the group. Both of it’s claws gauged Savarith when all of a sudden it bit him on the shoulder. He was unable to defend himself and blood poured out from the bite as he slumped onto the floor, dying. Szartharrax turned again and clawed at Kilios upon the ice. His claws tore at Kilios’s arms and mangled him pretty badly. Kilios lost consciousness and fell upon the ice. With each attack by the dragon, though, Urdnott was continuously stabbing at it’s hind area. The dragon turned towards me and tried to claw me, thinking I would be easy prey. It was losing strength as Andorin joined Urdnott in hacking away at it, trying to stop it from taking down another one of us. The claws barely missed me and I remained unscathed. Urdnott let out a battle cry as he drove his great sword into Szartharrax and with all his might, seemingly found the heart. Szartharrax crashed onto the floor, the young white dragon was defeated.

Mysteries began to arise as we began to study the room more closely. Who keeps and raises a dragon in a secret cellar? The dragon had marks along it’s body ingrained into it’s perfect scale hide, possibly from abuse. It was put here to protect something valuable and dominated to be kept in control should someone need to retrieve this valuable item. The group decided to open him up and discern if perhaps our secret was tucked away within the body. Only Kobold remains spewed out in a bloody mess. The Dragonborns bathed in the blood and took what kobold hand they could find and bottling what blood they could. I looked into it’s eyes, trying to find an explanation. They stared back at me, gleaming with no regrets but with a painful expression. It seemed thankful that we put it out of it’s misery. I was pushed out of the way as Kilios and Daeanu wanted the claws to see if they were worth anything. They studied the hide but it was too beat up to do anything with. Before these mongrels destroyed everything, I quickly went back to the eyes and carefully removed them both. These sorrowful eyes called out to me, I must know what it means. Someone will pay for the death of this wonderful creature…

Kallista Demonscry



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