The Nentir Vale

The Adventure Begins

My adventure for self-discovery has finally begun. I have somehow attached myself to the strangest rag-tag team to keep me company, but to tell the truth, I wish I was with a more mature party. I may be young, but I at least try to act professional. My only concern is that Tiefling witch. Beings of such unimaginable evil are unwelcome in my company, but as long as she does not cross me, I will make sure to keep her out of the path of my spells. The one good thing that has come out of this adventure so far, is acquiring a new staff. I can already feel it fill me with power.

I do need to give respect where it is due, and during that battle against Szartharrax, the younger brother did hold his own, the older brother needs to learn how to take better control of the situation. My experience has taught me many things about wandering through areas unknown, I hope that with time, he too will learn how to properly manage this group.

All I can do now is wait for everyone to wake from their wasteful sleep so that I can better decide whether to stay with them, or if I would be better off on my own.




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