The Nentir Vale

Room with a view

The Adventure Begins

As I sit here looking down the hallway, the darkness slowly creeps back into me. I focus on the task at hand and bite at my tongue to take my mind off of it. Another Kobold lays in a pile. I’m here for a job, nothing else! Why do I hunger? Could that Wizard’s lovely arcane power be calling to me? I feel like lingering in the flames he leaves behind after every Scorching Burst, just to feel alive again. This Kobold Hall is but another fraction of my life wasted away. I must behave, I must focus. It’s the only way to stop what I am capable of. Why does this dark hallway fill me with such memories? Could those Dragon brothers have something to do with this? After all, I am one with Bahamut now. It is the only way to end it… Why else would they show up in Fallcrest where there was only 1 before? Why else would I not sign up for this Kobold hunt if not to understand what these omens mean? I have no need of the money after all. Maybe the Cleric will get my share, he walks behind the brothers in adulation. He would most likely donate it to Bahamut and the gesture should bring me closer to my goal. The Wizard on the other hand, can go play with his new staff if he so pleases. As long as he can stop staring and start talking, I wouldn’t put it past him as being an agent of Orcus. Always so quiet, always gazing. No pleasure in it either, so smug. If he wants smug, maybe I’ll show him a real smirk.

Kallista Demonscry



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